DeVoe Builders, LLC

Farmington, Connecticut


Builder of fine homes

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We are a small company capable of handling all of your building and 
remodeling needs.  We have the equipment, knowledge and superior 
associates necessary to complete any size project. We are also small 
enough to handle the small projects many companies won't even look 
Your experience with us will be very personable and hopefully 
enjoyable.  The person you agree to a design and build with, will also 
be the person on site at all times, actually constructing your home or 
project.  Making sure that all of you're needs are met and you're 
concerns are addressed . This leads to a very customized experience 
for our clients.  
We service all of Connecticut.
We currently have 40 building losts available to us in the town of Tolland. 
We are always willing to build on land that you may own.
We are always available to infuse The DeVoe Built touch to your existing home or buildings.

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DEVOE BUILDERS  has been in business for 20 years.